If churches could talk

If churches could talk

If St. Petersburg churches could talk, they wouldn’t only wish you a Merry Christmas, but also any other fest and just a nice day as well. There are over 200 churches in St. Petersburg. While going down Nevskiy Avenue on a walking tour, you may see from 5 to 9 churches of different confessions! There are also the dome of the Winter Palace’s church (you may come inside during the Hermitage tour) and a majestic St. Isaac’s Cathedral.


Historically, St. Petersburg has been a multinational city – that’s why here you may also meet a mosque (on the driving tour), a synagogue (on the same tour, if you ask for it) and a Buddhist temple!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2019!



On the photos (clockwise): Grand Choral Synagogue, Buddhist temple, Mosque, Kazan Cathedral



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