St Petersburg just got its first snow!

St Petersburg just got its first snow!

Yet we’d like to thank St Petersburg sky for providing us with a true Indian Summer: this October ranked as the warmest in the whole history of our city (up to +18-20°C)! It also proved to those who call it “the city of 50.000 shades of grey” that it’s still possible to find a great variety of natural colors here.

If in your future plans there’s a trip to St Petersburg in spring, summer or autumn in 2019, here’s a list of the greenest places for you to take photos at:

  1. The Summer Garden – The first garden ever in the city, and we attend it during the tour by car (except for April, when it’s closed for “drying”)
  2. The Alexander Garden – it’s located in the very heart of the city, but still covered from newcomers. We walk it through it on the walking tour
  3. The Catherine Park – many think that the Amber Room is the only thing that coming to Pushkin town is worth for. But don’t hurry! The masters, who created this park in the time of the zars, were the best in the business, so, it still amazes the visitors!
  4. And, of course, the Lower Park at Peterhof – a solemn geometry of its paths, trees and bushes, statues and the view at the Neva bay are captivating, even when famous Peterhof’s fountains are off and everything’s covered with snow!

P.S.: did you know that you may hire a photographer for the walking tour? Portrait and reportage photography – let a pro handle it, and you’ll enjoy the pictures of you in wonderful St Petersburg!


Photo by Aleksey Isaev



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