Wanna get a thrill? Come to St Petersburg!

Wanna get a thrill? Come to St Petersburg!

In 315 years of its existence, the city has had enough stories to make your blood run cold! Here’re some facts:


  1. The city was built on bones (of its builders)
  2. Here you may find the two real Egyptian sphinxes. People, connected to their finding and transportation, and the tsars, who ruled after the sphinxes’ arrival, died in suspicious circumstances (that’s why one shouldn’t touch the sphinxes!)
  3. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, that is considered to be one of the most spectacular churches of the city, was built on the site where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated (after a bomb was thrown to his feet, so his legs were blown off and he lost a lot of blood). During WW2 dead bodies, found nearby, were stored in the church. These days, thousands of tourists walk right there
  4. The ghost of Emperor Paul I still lives at St Michael’s Castle, where he was strangled on 24 March 1881. Some say it’s better to avoid walking by the walls of this castle on this night: every year, on the night he died, the ghost kills the 40th passer-by. 
  5. In the room of one central and luxurious hotel in 1925, a famous Russian poet hanged himself, after having slit his veins and, with his blood, written the last poem on the wall.

If these creepy facts didn’t discourage you from coming over, you may book the walking and driving tours, so, the guide will give you comments on these stories and you’ll know even more.

Also, there’s a possibility to go to a palace where notorious Rasputin was killed and get all the details of his murder!


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