Where to Watch the Nutcracker

Where to Watch the Nutcracker

If you come to St Petersburg for Christmas, then the beginning of November is the rightest time to buy the tickets for the ballet and opera performances at the New Year’s Eve, as they‘re sold like hotcakes (especially the Nutcracker). Guides from St Pete Private Tours will show you the exteriors of the main city’s theaters: Mariinsky on the tour by car, Alexandrinsky, and Mikhailovsky on the walking tour and also the Hermitage theater if you drop by one of the world’s most important museum for 2 hours or take the full Hermitage tour.


So, you like theater, opera, and ballet but you don’t know where to go? Ask your guide, she knows. Do you hate everything mentioned above? Tell your guide the way you like to spend your time and we’ll give you recommendations based on your preferences.





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