Movies shot in St. Petersburg: the Soviet Time

1. Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia (Una matta, matta, matta corsa in Russia, Italy-USSR, 1974)

Want to get closer with a Russian person? Say that you’ve watched this film (only if you really have!) It’s a popular adventurous comedy with chases, stunts, explosions, jokes and a little romance. A group of Italians departs to the USSR to find a treasure promised by a Russian grandmother of one of them. Where is it? “Under a lion…” – were her last words. As the Italians did, you can also make sure that there’s a lot of statues of lions while walking in the historical center of St. Petersburg.

2. The Blue Bird (USA-USSR, 1976)

Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Ava Gardner: a film with the three Oscar-winning actresses must have been a box-office success, but it was a flop. Why? This fantasy movie was shot jointly by American and Soviet filmmakers at the peak of the Cold War, as opposed to the political differences. However, the dark forces won and the movie failed. Those who have seen this fairy tale should know that all its scenes were filmed in the USSR. So, you can repeat one of them in the park of the Catherine Palace.

3. The Russia House (USA, 1990)

Not James Bond anymore, but still a British spy (Sean Connery) comes to the USSR with a mission and falls in love with a Soviet young lady (Michelle Pfeiffer). What else? Wonderful views of European cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg: the Palace Square, Peter and Paul Fortress, Summer Garden – this film may be used as a trigger to your walking and driving tour.