If you ask me: ‘Why do you love St. Petersburg?’, I’ll tell you: ‘How not to love it? I was born here; for me it’s like loving my mom!’ Just have a look at all these wonderful views, architecture, walk the streets where Dostoevsky and the characters of his novels once had passed by, breathe the white night’s air, listen to the guys playing guitars on the Palace square at 1 a.m., discover the story of the city that was the Russian capital for 200 years!.. Then, I guess, you’re gonna love St. Pete, too.

And it’s no surprise I like my job: not only because I talk about my favorite city all the time, but also for the opportunity to meet YOU and get to know YOUR national culture and traditions!

What other tourists say about Katerina?

"We did the St Petersburg walking tour and the Peterhof tour with Katerina as our guide, and thoroughly enjoyed it! We learned a lot about the city’s rich history and culture, and Katerina went the extra mile to make sure we get the most out of our tours! Highly recommended! :)"

Joie Aura M

"There were miles of queues but Katerina has a can do attitude and sharp elbows so we jumped to the head of the line. The palace was beautiful and Katerina was knowledgeable about the details…"

Zaccarat, New Zealand

"She is one of, if not the best tour guides I’ve had. Anyone can rattle off facts about different places, but Kate has a true passion that is rarely seen. You can see in her eyes how excited she is about the art, culture, and history as she discusses it. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and very easy to understand with her perfect English, she also keeps the tours well organized and on track, always making sure she is meeting the client’s expectations."

Phoenix, Arizona