I have been taking an interest in learning foreign languages since my chilhood and I like exploring new cultures. I graduated from philological faculty of Saint-Petersburg State University with a master degree. My major is English and Serbian language. I’m also very keen on history, mainly Russian.

Saint-Petersburg is my hometown. What I like most in the city is its architectural diversity. It shows us tastes of the monarchs, fashion of different periods. Fortunately, most of the buildings survived the Second World War and the postwar period. Saint-Petersburg authorities are trying to preserve the historical image of the city, thus, when you wander the streets of Saint-Petersburg you can easily imagine yourself in the XIX century. I like doing that and trying to immerse tourists too.

Besides that I like watching historical movies, doing sports and sometimes playing guitar.

What other tourists say about Nadiss?

"Fortunately, we had scheduled a tour with Nadiss! She met us at our hotel, and spent the day showing us her beautiful city. She provided us a custom experience based on our interests, and patiently answered our questions the entire time."

Cspon, USA

"Nadiss was good-natured, punctual and able to adjust her itinerary and comments according to our interests and the children’s attention span."

HoratioNY, USA

"Nadiss was very informative and shared a lot of general knowledge of how people lived not just a description of the building. She shared a lot of wonderful history that would have taken hours for me to read."

Kim, Netherlands