I’m a dreamer so I follow my heart wherever it leads me. My passion is discovering new things. That’s why I love travelling and meeting new people. It’s the most enriching experience one can get. But I believe that life is not just about taking. It’s also about giving. That is the reason I am a tour guide. I enjoy sharing the things that I know.

And what I know is my city. I was born and raised in Saint Petersburg. It’s much more than just a city for me. It’s my tutor, my love, my everlasting inspiration. I want people from all over the world to see and feel the charm of this city.

I have a degree in linguistics. I have the accreditation of Saint Petersburg Government to be an official tour guide. And I have my smile and my desire for you to have the time of your life here in Saint Petersburg! Welcome and see you!

What other tourists say about Alyona?

"Alyona was very helpful, offered very competent explanations of every attraction, took pictures of us, offered good recomendations of places to eat and visit after the tour and was overall very nice"


"Alyona was great she was flexible to meet us where we where before the tour, her language skills were great and her knowledge of the city and the history was good as well."


"Our guide, Alyona, really fluent in Spanish, great knowledge of her stuff, managed the long queues,...and a very pleasant person. Highly recommendable!"