Art Nouveau and Revolution

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Saint-Petersburg – Petrograd – Leningrad….. They are all names of one city and each period left marks on the shade of the most beautiful street in Saint Petersburg – Kamenoostrovsky prospect. The main street of Petrogradsky Island is not very popular sightseeing to visit among the tourists. But this part of Saint Petersburg is full of architectural and historical landmarks. We will enjoy the facades of ‘Northern Modern’ on a tour, we should try to find so famous Oscar statuette on the roofs, dive into turbulent life of Petrograd after revolution 1917 and finish our tour by the biggest Mosque in Europe with the splendid turquoise dome.

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Tour Itinerary

  1. Hotel Pick-up

    Olga (our guide) will come to your hotel (lobby area) or any other indicated address to begin the tour from there. If you stay outside the city area, we will offer you alternative meeting options.

  2. Lensoviet Palace of Culture

    • What the significant edifice was built on this site before revolution 1917?
    • Which architectural device is non-existent?
    • Which style had been appeared in post-revolution Russia and it’s peculiarities?

  3. Leo Tolstoy’s square and Tower House

    • Which castle in UK was taken as a model to construct this beautiful building?
    • What sports events took place here in 1898?

  4. Residential building of the First Insurance Society. The Benouis’ House

    • How many inner yards you can count in the Benouis House?
    • How the history of this building connected with the beginning of stalin’s repressions?
    • Who of the famous people had lived in this building?

  5. Kavos’ mansion

    • Why this building initially was built as a French villa?
    • Which elements of Modern (Art Nouveau) style you can find on the facade of this building?

  6. Austrian square

    • Why the square is called Austrian?
    • What the name was given to this square by locals?

  7. The House of Housing and Construction Cooperative of Art Workers

    • How the old style and the new style were united in architecture?
    • Who had being living in this house during the Soviet period?

  8. The Mosque

    • Why the Mosque was build in the capital of Russian Empire?
    • Which monument became the prototype of the Mosque in St.Petersburg?
    • Which legends are around the construction of the Mosque?

  9. Mansion of Matilda Kshesinskaya

    • How many members of Romanov’s family have had relationships with Prima of Imperial Ballet?
    • What was the Lenin’s speech from the balcony of this pretty house about?
    • What museum has been located in this building since revolution 1917?

  10. Back to your hotel

    At the end of the tour we will take you back to your hotel.