St Petersburg by Car

Private Driving Tour

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The best idea for your second day in Saint Petersburg. This tour is done by car and links the “not-to-be-missed” sights together with the “off-the-tourist path” gems around the city center.

Optional extras:

Tour to Peter and Paul Cathedral - 30 min

Tour to Cabin of Peter the Great - 30 min

Tour to Faberge Museum - 1 hour

Tour Itinerary

  1. Hotel Pick-up

    Our guide will come to your hotel (lobby area) or any other indicated address to begin the tour from there. There also will be a driver waiting at your hotel entrance. The tour is done by car/minivan. We use licensed drivers with cars (up to 3 people) or minivans (4 – 7 people).

  2. St Nicholas Naval Cathedral

    One of the finest examples of the Baroque architectural style in Russia.

    • Why is the Cathedral called Naval?
    • How could the appearance of the Russian Empress Elizabeth influence the exterior of the Cathedral?
    • What are the major landmarks in the history of Russian Navy?

  3. Mariinsky Theatre

    One of the most famous opera and ballet theatres in the world.

    • How did the dress of the Empress Maria influence the interior of the theatre?
    • Why did the Emperor Nicholas II rarely stay in the Imperial Box of the theatre?
    • What was the unusual way of improving the acoustics of the orchestra pit?

  4. Quay with Sphinxes

    These unique monuments are 3500 years old and were delivered to St Petersburg from Egypt.

    • Which European capital should have become the new home for the Sphinxes?
    • What happens to the Sphinxes during the sunset?
    • What legends about the Sphinxes are known among St Petersburg citizens?

  5. The Spit of Vasilievsky Island

    The legendary architectural complex serving as the famous postcard-view of the city.

    • Why did this place become the first port and gates of the city?
    • Why is it always colder here than in any other part of the city?
    • What was the purpose of Rostral Columns and why did the citizens avoid them?

  6. Peter and Paul Fortress

    The first city fortress has given the birth to the city and to the Russian Empire on the whole.

    • What is the well-known gesture in Russia which means “drinking alcohol” and how is it related to the fortress?
    • Is it true that winter-swimmers come to sunbathe on the beach near the Fortress?
    • Where can one try to find a watch worth of $200.000?

  7. Private tour to the Peter and Paul Cathedral
    Closed on Wednesdays

    Having been the tallest building in the city for a very long time, this Cathedral became a burial vault for the Romanov Royal family.

  8. Private tour to the Cabin of Peter the Great
    Closed on Tuesdays

    Guided tour to the first building erected in St Petersburg.

    • How much time did it take to build this wooden house, which survived through the centuries up to the present time?
    • Which items were hand-made by Peter I himself and are exhibited in the museum?
    • Learn the most interesting life facts of the founder of the city – Peter the Great.

  9. “Aurora” Russian cruiser

    The legendary cruiser, the symbol of the Socialist Revolution of the 1917, which participated in both World Wars.

    • What role did “Aurora” play in the Socialist Revolution of the 1917?
    • Which battle brought the most losses to the cruiser during its military service period?
    • Learn about a scandalous party, held by one of the Russian oligarchs.

  10. Summer Garden
    Closed on Tuesdays

    The oldest park in the city founded by Peter the Great just the next year after the city foundation.

    • Which famous European park Peter the Great wanted to surpass by the Summer Garden?
    • Which vegetables and fruits were grown here for the first time in Russia?
    • How were the major events celebrated here?

  11. Chizhik-Pyzhik

    The Chizhik-Pyzhik is one of the smallest monuments in the world, but it became a symbol of the city, so you shouldn’t miss it!

    • What is special about this birdy?
    • What should you do to get some luck?

  12. Saint Michael’s Castle

    The story of the castle where the Russian Emperor Paul I lived only several days is still shrouded in mystery.

    • How can you know the age when Paul I died?
    • Why is it called a “castle” while other similar buildings are palaces?
    • What should you say when meeting the ghost of Paul I?

  13. Private tour to Faberge Museum

    Take the chance to see the world-famous Faberge Eggs and other artworks by Russian jewel masters of the 19th-20th centuries with your own eyes! Located inside one of the most beautiful palaces of St. Petersburg (Shuvalov Palace) Faberge Museum houses the biggest collection of jeweled works of art by Carl Fabergé also regarded as unique historical artefacts. The gem of the collection are 9 Faberge Eggs which were created for Russian Emperors Alexander III and Nicolas II and their family members.

  14. Hotel drop-off

    At the end of the tour we will take you back to your hotel or any other place you would prefer.