For cruise passengers

Shore Excursions (2 days)

Private Package for Cruise Passengers

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This sensational package for cruise passengers includes the most remarkable attractions that we suggest visiting when you are limited by time. The tours are 100% private, no other people will join.

Tour Itinerary

  1. Day 1: Cruise liner pick-up

    Our guide and driver will come to the port to begin the tour from there. Vehicle entrance fee to the port is included.

  2. Kazan Cathedral
    Visit included

    The main on-service city Cathedral hosts an important orthodox treasure – the icon of Our Lady of Kazan.

    • What is the connection between this Cathedral and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican?
    • Which symbol of the Russian Navy was influenced by the Scottish culture?
    • What is intriguing about the entrance position?

  3. Singer House also known as House of Books

    One of the most remarkable buildings on the Nevskiy prospect.

    • What did the architect do to make the building dominate over the other ones?
    • What is the “Russian Facebook” and what its owner did to promote it?
    • What is the connection to the US dollar banknote?

  4. The roof and the retro photography studio
    Tickets included

    One of the best roofs (visiting is safe and legal) in St Petersburg with a panoramic view over the Nevskiy prospect.

    • What did the city look like in the past?
    • What fault was made during the city’s main street construction?
    • Tricks of simple city navigation.

  5. Elisseeff Emporium
    Visit included

    State-of-the-art architecture, amazing interiors and a lot of interesting stories related to the building.

    • Get lucky in many traditional ways and learn the story about cats helping the city to survive during the World War II.
    • How could a box of oranges make you a fortune?

  6. Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

    The most popular city attraction according to the TripAdvisor reviews.

    • Why does the Church basement occupy half of the channel nearby?
    • What happened to the most liberal Russian emperor in the history?
    • What makes this Cathedral the “stones and mosaics” museum?

  7. Guided tour to the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

    Tour with your personal guide inside the Cathedral to see one of the biggest mosaics in the world.

  8. Palace Square

    We bet that the view on the main city square is going to take your breath away.

    • What did the architect do to prove that the huge column was fixed securely?
    • What “little” change the communists were planning to do with the column?
    • What was so special in the chess game, which took place here in 1924?

  9. Winter Palace

    If you heard about Saint Petersburg, you have most probably heard about the Winter Palace, which is one of the greatest architecture masterpieces in the world and which served as residence for many years to Russian Emperor family.

    • How much time is needed to explore all the objects from the Hermitage museum collection?
    • What happened to the legendary wine cellars in the Winter Palace?
    • Which US citizen became the Soviet leader’s favorite and why?

  10. Guided tour to Hermitage Museum
    Closed on Mondays

    One of the world’s biggest museums hosts masterpieces from all over the world. The shine of the outstanding halls is very well supplemented by Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Gogh and many others artworks.

  11. Lunch

    Tasting the local cuisine is an important part of the new culture discovery. We have created special 3-course sets for you: Russian and Georgian. There is also a set for kids.

  12. Neva Embankment

    The legendary river dominating the city landscape.

    • What are the oddest objects in the collection of the Kunstkamera museum?
    • Why are all the buildings on the embankment facing the river with their facades except one?
    • Why does the first permanent bridge over the river have so many spans?

  13. Statue of Peter the Great

    One of the most recognized symbols of the city which inspired the logo of our company.

    • What makes the basement of the monument so special?
    • Why do all Russians call the monument as “The Copper Horseman” although everyone knows that it was made of bronze?
    • Which city legends are related to the Monument?

  14. Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

    Is one of the most impressive buildings in the city and also one of the biggest Cathedrals in the world.

    • Why were all the main treasures kept in the Cathedral during the Siege of Leningrad?
    • What object was installed in the center of the Cathedral during the Soviet era?
    • How did the Soviet scientists save the monument of Nicholas I?

  15. Guided tour to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral
    Closed on Wednesdays

    You have an opportunity to see the marvelous interiors and learn more about the construction process, architecture, paintings and city legends.

  16. Peter and Paul Fortress

    The first city fortress has given the birth to the city and to the Russian Empire on the whole.

    • What is the well-known gesture in Russia which means “drinking alcohol” and how is it related to the fortress?
    • Is it true that winter-swimmers come to sunbathe on the beach near the Fortress?
    • Where can one try to find a watch worth of $200.000?

  17. Cruise liner drop-off

    At the end of the day we will take you back to your ship.

  18. Day 2: Cruise liner pick-up

    Our guide and driver will come to the port to begin the tour from there. Vehicle entrance fee to the port is included.

  19. Peterhof Grand Palace
    Closed on Mondays

    Peterhof, perhaps the most beautiful park residence in the world, contains 173 fountains, 3 large cascades and a number of Palaces. We gonna take you to the most beautiful one — the Grand Palace and show you the shiny cupolas and the beautiful East Chapel.

  20. Peterhof Fountains Park

    Peterhof, one of the most visited Russian attractions, will win your heart with its romantic atmosphere and picturesque views. It is also an engineering state-of-the-art system as all the fountains work just like it was 300 years ago.

  21. Lunch

    Menu: starter (to choose), main course (to choose), desert, water and tea/coffee. A vegetarian option is also available.

  22. Catherine Palace

    This Masterpiece of the Russian Baroque style was built as the Empress residence. Lately Catherine Palace and its surroundings were used as backdrops for BBC’s adaptation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Take a chance to feel yourself part of the Russian imperial court!

  23. Golden Enfilade

    The chain of connected halls decorated with gold is one of the most remarkable parts of the Palace. The length of the Enfilade fits the whole length of the palace. Bring your imagination to feel how the Russian Elite of the 18th century spent their days in this place.

  24. Amber Room in Catherine Palace

    The legendary Amber Room was mystically lost during the World War II. Now it is fully reconstructed and became the main attraction of the Catherine Palace.

  25. Catherine Park in Tsarskoe selo
    Tickets included

    Dutch master gardeners arranged the Garden in the 1720s on three terraces in front of the imperial palace initially. Later on, Catherine II extended the territory and decorated the park with other splendid building and fine monuments to show Europe the greatness of her reign.

  26. Cruise liner drop-off

    At the end of the day we will take you back to your ship.