Peterhof Private Tour

During this driving tour, just outside of the city, we visit the legendary Peterhof: the so-called «Russian Versailles» - magnificient fountains park. Visit to the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe selo (Pushkin) is optional.

3 Best for your 3rd day in St Petersburg
Duration: 3-4 hours
Available: daily* 9.00am - 2pm
*Fountains are closed in Oct-Apr
Transportation: car/minivan
Activity level: Moderate


Adults:  Children (0-14):
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Tour to the Grottoes
Tour to the Grand Palace
Tour to the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe selo (Pushkin)

Tour highlights

Pick-up at your hotel

Hotel Pick-up

Our guide will come to your hotel (lobby area) or any other indicated address to begin the tour from there. There also will be a driver waiting at your hotel entrance. The tour is done by car/minivan. We use licensed drivers with cars (up to 3 people) or minivans (4 - 7 people).

Peterhof Fountains Park

Peterhof Fountains Park
Tickets are included

Peterhof, one of the most visited Russian attractions, will win your heart with its romantic atmosphere and picturesque views. It is no secret that Peterhof Lower Park has one of the largest fountain systems in the world (147 fountains) with the Grand Cascade being a unique tremendous fountain construction. It is also an engineering state-of-the-art system as all the fountains work just like it was 300 years ago.

The Grand Cascade

The Grand Cascade

The Grand Cascade was built together with the Grand Peterhof Palace and was launched in 1723. Being one of the biggest fountain structures in the world the Grand Cascade features 75 fountains, 225 bronze statues, mascarons and bas reliefs, with the main idea of the ensemble to glorify the might of the Russian Empire and to commemorate its victory in the Northern War against Sweden. The central part of the ensemble is the ‘Samson’ fountain with a 3-meter statue of Samson slaying a lion with his bare hands.

Tour to the Grottoes (Peterhof)

Tour to the Grottoes

To learn how the fountain system operates in Peterhof we invite you to visit the Grottoes of the Grand Cascade. Apart from the beautiful marble and gilded statues and ‘trick’ fountains there you can see all elements of this hydraulic piece of art: authentic pipes directing water to the Grand Cascade, the scheme of the fountain conduit and even authentic brickwork of Peter I times.

Peterhof Grand Palace

The Grand Peterhof Palace
[OPTIONAL] Closed on Mondays

For a long time the Grand Peterhof Palace has been a center of social life of the Russian Empire with its interiors changing together with changing fashion and architectural trends throughout the centuries. Therefore, one can find traces of multiple architectural styles and in the building blended into a solid appearance. Today, the Grand Peterhof Palace opens its doors in its splendor to the visitors from all over the world to admire objects of decorative-applied art, antique furniture and magnificent sculptural and art works.

Visit to the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe selo (Pushkin)

Visit to the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe selo (Pushkin)
Closed on Tuesdays

If you want to continue sightseeing, we would be delighted to take you to another remarkable place – Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe selo (Pushkin). This ex-royal residence was used as a backdrop for many scenes in the latest BBC’s adaptation of War And Peace. Even if you haven’t seen the series, this palace is worth seeing!More info...

Hotel drop-off

Hotel drop-off

At the end of the tour we will take you back to your hotel or any other place you would prefer.

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